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Will Animate For Food

2013-03-06 18:42:08 by Croire

Hey everyone! Need something animated for a game? Need an advertisement or something like that? I'll animate it!
My rates are as follows:
$10 per hour
a negotiated price independent of the amount of time spent working.

Anyway if you're interested please feel free to inbox me so we can work together!

YOU GUYS YOU GUYS!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I just launched the kickstarter for my project "Column" which I also just launched a teaser trailer for right here on Newgrounds!

You can watch it right here :

Anyway, Croire Animation needs your help to fund the production of "Column", the first of many animated short films to come! Your pledges will first and foremost go towards paying the contributing artists to make sure they eat semi-regularly, as well as the production of some of the cool rewards you can receive by helping out!

We've only got 2 weeks to raise the funds to produce "Column" and every cent totally helps!

You can back our kickstarter here : olumn

"Column" is a short, experimental horror film with an estimated run time of about 6-7 minutes, set in a post apocalyptic world as well as a self contained tangential universe consisting of two rooms and a hallway. However, what the short is really about is entirely dependent on you.

There are some really cool rewards too! Including ones where we'll animate any .gif you request (this could get weird) and even getting a 3d printed replica of the column from the short!!! Ever cent helps!

Thanks to everyone in advance, and hopefully with your help we'll be able to finish it by May 2013!

New Animations + Kickstarter stuff WOO!


2012-03-23 20:30:10 by Croire

hey i'm gonna be live streaming some eps of Adventure Time that i bought offa itunes like a fucking nerd, I will also be eating brownies and junk!



2012-03-16 23:46:22 by Croire

.....Life is work yall....I'm working on a short for a sick vid game, my own original short (which will have the lovely voice of the great RicePirate), I'm brewing up ideas for Pico Day, AND I' going to be participating in the NATA this year. PHEWWWW I'M BUSY AS TITS. It's good stuff though. i hope to do some more commission stuff since....I need money n junk, but yeah I'm bein a productive mother hugger

NG is filled with lil horsies,dragons-babies,and square guys

2012-03-11 07:44:02 by Croire

EDIT: It got FRONT PAGED?!?!?! AND put into all three collections?!?! Damn I'm partying tonight to celebrate!!!! I love newgrounds

I put out an animation I made yesterday in a few hours so give it a look see, peek at it thru the cracks of your door, sneak in while its dad is washing its front My Little SkyCraft. Man I wanna work with some people on my next animation. So if you're interested and also own then talk to me.

Here is my 3rd fav YouTube vid of all time


2012-03-11 07:33:44 by Croire

nothin to see here


2012-02-25 14:48:03 by Croire


It's probably not a big deal for a lot of people but this is totally HUGE for me!!! I've been watching toons and playing games on this site since I was in 6th grade and now i'm 19 and one of my cartoons is on the front page?!?!? Too awesome!

I'm gonna party today.

Also the next cartoon is going to be WAAAAAYYYYYY better! I'm starting a series called Mossy Creek, it's going to be about two wood elves trying to make their way to "Big Rock Candy Mountain". it's going to have a lot of surreal comedy and gross hyper realistic reaction faces and such.

Anyway today is awesome

Hey, just post a link and I'll review it. Simple as that!

I just released a new chiptune song that I would love for you to review and vote on as well BUT IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT.

here's the song /425582

anyway go ahead and link me to your stuff!

Want Some REVIEWS???

2011-05-12 11:14:09 by Croire

Just post a link to whatever you want me to review in the comment section and I'll get to it like......right now. Audio, Flash, Art, anything you want me to review I'll do it

PS: When someone types "NGers" Are you supposed to pronounce it as "EnGeeErs" or "N****rs"?


2011-04-30 16:38:08 by Croire

Way to go faggot.....look at you...reading this.....Go listen to my new song and vote and review it you bunch of babies /417380