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Will Animate For Food

2013-03-06 18:42:08 by Croire

Hey everyone! Need something animated for a game? Need an advertisement or something like that? I'll animate it!
My rates are as follows:
$10 per hour
a negotiated price independent of the amount of time spent working.

Anyway if you're interested please feel free to inbox me so we can work together!


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2013-03-07 06:28:49

How about YOU give ME food and I'll draw something for you?


2013-03-07 15:25:51

What you propose if a work for MONEY.
And I thought you wanted like a box with a hamburger inside delivered via post mail.


2013-03-07 21:52:02

Hey man, if you're reliable and flexible and stuff, why not try sending your animation demo to team Yotta? They're pretty cool.

(Updated ) Croire responds:

Thanks for the recommendation. I've been thinking about it but I don't really have a reel, my intention was to do jobs and eventually have a good reel by the end of it so that I could apply to Yotta. Not sure they hire based on "I promise i'm pretty good" haha. Thanks so much for the recommendation though!


2013-03-08 00:29:45

$10 an hour? Is that the going rate these days? Your an incredibly talented animator, you shouldn't be charging any less than $45 as far as my industry experience goes.

Croire responds:

Thank you for the compliment, however I don't have a ton of experience or a robust portfolio so I'm trying to reel em in by being cheap!


2014-04-27 20:47:42

LOL you piece of human garbage. I was one of the people who backed your pathetic little "Column" fraud. Thanks for taking my money, asswipe.